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Authentication across applications, including Dovetail Mobile / AgentLite

December 11, 2012 We’ve worked with a couple of customers recently who use some other application for authentication. Basically, Single Sign-On. One was using CA SiteMinder, and another had a home grown application. In both instances, we were able to easily allow Dovetail Mobile / AgentLite to work with their existing authentication mechanisms, allowing single sign-on capabilities. This means that if a user has already authenticated in their environment, then they were automatically logged into Dovetail, without having to enter their username and password again. Pretty nice user experience.   In this post, I’ll share some of the details about how this all works.   For this scenario, our customer had a home grown “App Store”. Users logged into this App Store, which authenticates them, and then shows them a list of applications that they are authorized to use. One of them is Dovetail Mobile.  …

Dovetail Mobile on tablets

January 17, 2012 The question has come up a few times: can I use Dovetail on a tablet?  Well, Dovetail Mobile supports mobile devices, and a tablet is a mobile device, so it should work, right? Yes, indeed it does. Our Dovetail Mobile app works great on tablets.   And for and for those Clarify customers who want to access their Clarify system via smartphones and tablets, Dovetail Mobile is a great choice for this. We’ve certainly seen more and more organizations allowing employees to use their own devices, so having apps that are compatible with a user’s device is important. Web apps are a great choice for this.   I’ve captured a few screenshots using a few different devices (iPad, Kindle Fire, and a Motorola Xoom), so you can see that Dovetail is compatible with a variety of tablets.     iPad   Kindle Fire  …

Employees expect mobile access

March 3, 2011 In the webinar on Mobile solutions that I hosted this week, I covered not only the explosive growth of mobile, but also the need, preference, and even demand! for mobile solutions by employees. This includes a preference for the tools that optimize their productivity – including mobile access and use of their own tools, such as their own devices. Dan Ortega from Sybase has a great post titled Mobile Workers and an IT Role Reversal. His post further emphasizes the points I discussed this week. A few of my favorite tidbits from his article: It’s no surprise that they [consumers] are putting intense pressure on their employers to enable more job-related tasks on their devices. They don’t have the patience to wait for corporate IT to set a policy for their device, nor are they willing to carry and use…

Mobile webinar follow-up

March 1, 2011 Big Thanks! to all those that attended today’s webinar on Mobile solutions for Clarify / Dovetail. We had a rockin’ good turnout, and some great questions from attendees. Presentation Mobile systems for Clarify & Dovetail on Prezi More Info on Dovetail Mobile Marketing: Technical: Additional Questions? Feel free to contact me. We can discuss Mobile, Clarify, Dovetail, debate Fender vs. Gibson, or just about whatever. Call for Ideas Have an idea for a topic for a future session? Please share! We'd love to hear your ideas. Interested in presenting, or co-presenting a session? That would be great! You can leave a comment here, or drop me an email at

Reminder: Mobile Solutions webinar this week

February 28, 2011 Just a little reminder that I will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday of this week discussing Mobile Solutions for Clarify & Dovetail systems. Topics Uses for mobile applications within your support team Using mobile and other light-weight applications to extend system access to others in your organization Mobile web versus native applications Use of SMS and other mobile and telephony technologies Co-existence with existing client applications Dovetail Mobile – an overview and demonstration When Tuesday, March 1, 2011 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (Central Time) Register Register at:

Native vs. Web Mobile Applications for Amdocs/Clarify

February 23, 2011  It's hard to miss all the changes going on in the mobile phone world lately. Every time you read the news there is something about Apple's iPhone, Google's Android or their respective ecosystems. For me it's been a validation of sorts because I was one of those guys that paid $600 for my first iPhone. Ever since then, I've been fascinated by and watched the smart phone business and things are really getting interesting. There are massive changes taking place as the incumbents struggle to adjust to new players. The stakes are huge because the market, even in its infancy, is already enormous. Having a networked computer in your pocket that is also a phone is incredibly compelling and it seems quite clear to me that it's true what many are saying, that soon smart phone users will outnumber “feature…

Now available: Dovetail Mobile 2.0

September 30, 2010 Dovetail Mobile Agent 2.0 is now available. New functionality in Dovetail Mobile Agent includes: Subcase Functionality (creating, editing, closing, workflow, logging of phone calls, emails and notes, searching, privileges, etc.) Password Reset, allowing a user to reset their own password, should it be lost or forgotten  Searching of files and attachments (case attachments, solution attachments, etc.) using Dovetail Seeker 2.0 Application-level privilege, allowing administrators to control which users can use Dovetail Mobile Agent. Data Restriction, allowing different groups of users to only see certain data within the system Subcases Search for files and attachments   Password Reset   Documentation Dovetail Mobile Agent documentation is available online. Get it! To obtain this release, create a request using Dovetail SelfService, or send us an email.

Saving Searches in Dovetail applications

September 21, 2009 Saving Searches in Dovetail AgentOne of the things under development for the next version of Dovetail Agent is the ability to save your favorite searches.Here’s a screenshot:So you can now save your searches, and easily execute them again at anytime.You can also name a search. By default, the name of the search will be the search terms. But you can rename it to whatever you want. For example, as opposed to a search being named: “squeaking washer condition:open casetype:problem” You may choose to rename it as “open cases for squeaky washer”Look for this functionality in the next release of Dovetail Agent.Saving Searches in Dovetail Mobile Agent and Agent LiteCurrently, we don’t have Saved Searches in Dovetail Mobile Agent or Agent Lite. This is on the enhancement list for the future.But, you can easily save a search today by simply using…

A plethora of uses for Dovetail Mobile

May 27, 2009 Dovetail Mobile has quickly become one of my favorite products. Although it was originally designed for use on Mobile devices, it seems that I'm constantly coming up with new ways to use it. On a Mobile Device In its original intended state: on a mobile device.   On the Desktop As I've shown before, a little bit of styling makes it pleasant to use on the desktop.     Within a Google Gadget From a previous post: Clarify / Amdocs / Dovetail access from a Google Gadget     Within Outlook You can easily add a folder in outlook that points to a URL. That makes it easy to incorporate Dovetail Mobile within Outlook. This is easy to setup. Create a folder in Outlook, right-click on the folder, choose Properties. Check the box that says "Show home page by default",…

Clarify / Amdocs / Dovetail access from a Google Gadget

April 27, 2009 I was playing with Google Gadgets a bit lately, and wanted to see what I could do with creating a gadget for Clarify / Amdocs / Dovetail.Gadgets are simple HTML and JavaScript applications that can be embedded in webpages and other apps.Google has good details on gadgets - how to use them, how to create them, etc.Here's what I came up with: What can we do with this gadget?Review my open cases:Review recent activity for your workgroup (in this case, the user belongs to the Administration workgroup):Work a case, including workflow (assign, dispatch, etc.) log phone notes, send email, review the case history, change status, close the case, etc. :  Search the knowledgebase (solutions), cases, or both:access the knowledgebase (solutions):There's a few other things you can do as well, but you get the point. How is this done?In all honesty, it's actually…
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