Employees expect mobile access

In the webinar on Mobile solutions that I hosted this week, I covered not only the explosive growth of mobile, but also the need, preference, and even demand! for mobile solutions by employees. This includes a preference for the tools that optimize their productivity – including mobile access and use of their own tools, such as their own devices.

Dan Ortega from Sybase has a great post titled Mobile Workers and an IT Role Reversal. His post further emphasizes the points I discussed this week.

A few of my favorite tidbits from his article:

  • It’s no surprise that they [consumers] are putting intense pressure on their employers to enable more job-related tasks on their devices.
  • They don’t have the patience to wait for corporate IT to set a policy for their device, nor are they willing to carry and use two different devices.
  • More than half of U.S. and European businesses already allow personally owned devices to access a secure corporate network, according to a 2010 report from Forrester Research.
  • Young professionals—also known as “digital natives”—are entering the workforce as fully indoctrinated mobile device multitaskers. Do not expect them to work without a smartphone or tablet at hand. These employees will assume that access to corporate resources from a mobile device is a given and rightly so.

It’s a good read – you can access the full article at