Dovetail has the world’s best tools and expertise for integrating Clarify with other applications.  Our design approach yields solutions that are reliable, provide enterprise class performance, and are highly flexible.




Work cases right from your Android, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, or Windows mobile device–ideal for workforces that are more mobile than ever. 


The Twilio integration triggers the Dovetail product to make an automated phone call to alert an agent of an urgent or high priority case. Speedy assistance after hours can exceed expectations. Connecting with customers when they need it fosters trust. 


The Clickatell integration enables real-time SMS notifications and escalations that empower agents to deliver real-time solutions to customers. 



Agents collaborate on Basecamp’s  Campfire group chats to triage messages and notifications from your Dovetail product. This integration saves time and fosters communication among team members. 


The Socialcast integration empowers agents to collaborate via comments, flagging, following, and private messaging. Socialcast publishes and tracks activity streams which can include cases. This type of tracking expands the knowledge base across your enterprise. This kind of visibility fosters a sense of community. 




Want to save even more time? Did you know that Dovetail products automatically process incoming email? Just think of the time saved to create cases, log notes, and creating interactions. Automation allows your agents to focus more on customer or employee relations.

microsoft outlook  


Integrate agent mail functionality with your system for a seamless email experience. Agents access Microsoft Outlook address books, signatures, and send or receive email within Dovetail products.  

rss feed  


Information aggregation can be daunting. However, with the help of RSS Feeds your system publishes information feeds allowing agents and customers to subscribe to the data that’s relevant to them. 

Social Media:


To reinforce the sense of community your agents are working in, use this integration to securely host an ongoing system conversation. This integration enables you to publish activity streams from your Dovetail product into Socialcast, expanding system knowledge across your enterprise. 


Using a Twitter integration builds up your customer community by providing interactive help in a web community via tweet publishing and processing. Twitter generates customer interest because it is accessible and has a loyal following. Customers feel like they are getting the inside scoop on your product or service.  

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