Improve Dataflow between Clarify and External Systems


It is a flexible and customizable message handling framework for your Dovetail or Clarify CRM application. It allows the automation of virtually any internal CRM processes associated with communicating with external systems. Carrier uses messaging, a method of communication between software components or applications that enables distributed communication that is loosely coupled, to enable organizations to establish efficient dataflow between their systems.

Applications for Carrier range from basic handling of incoming emails for updating cases and other objects in the system to orchestrating complex business workflows based on multiple external inputs.

Key Benefits

  • Agility: Provides the ability to quickly, easily, and safely modify applications to respond to changing business needs.
  • Extensibility: Enables organizations to simply extend processes by adding new plug-ins and associated business logic.
  • Connectivity: Provides a standardized mechanism for connecting internal and external systems to the organization.
  • Delivery: Delivers messages reliably – guaranteed.
  • Performance and Scalability: Asynchronous communication increases application performance and scalability.
  • Messaging: Senders and receivers do not have to be on-line simultaneously and need only to share common knowledge of the message formats rather than internal methods.

Out-of-the-Box Extensions

  • Communications: Incoming email messages behave as Dialogs and Communications within the Dovetail or Clarify CRM system.
  • Email Agent: Incoming email messages behave as support case correspondence within the Dovetail or Clarify CRM system.

Easily Created Custom Extensions

  • Enhanced Business Rules: Notify a Product Manager when a certain number of cases have been opened for a product within a certain time period.
  • Advanced Routing Rules: Route workflow items to queues or individual agents based on availability, skill set, or current workload.


  • Microsoft .NET for reliability and performance.
  • MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue) for reliable message queues.
  • Dovetail SDK for all Clarify and Dovetail system access.
  • Email services for easily sending and receiving email.

Clarify Compatibility and Co-Existence

Dovetail Carrier is compatible with the following products:

  • Clarify 7 through Clarify 12.x
  • Amdocs 6.x
  • Amdocs 7.x
“Dovetail enabled us to easily and inexpensively connect our SAP applications and free up resources to deliver ongoing value rather than focus on middleware.” Steve Lucchesi, Senior IT Director | Intuitive Surgical