Infrastructure Upgrade

Upgrade your Infrastructure without Upgrading Clarify

It’s very common for organizations that have implemented Clarify over the last 20 years to lag behind on the Clarify version they are running and for good reason. Clarify upgrades are costly, time-consuming and the new features are often not the best fit for their business model.

If you’re running an older version of Clarify and need to upgrade your database or operating system, our Infrastructure Upgrade Services allow you to do that without upgrading your Clarify application.

Our team has extensive experience upgrading Clarify infrastructure while ensuring both functionality and stability are retained, even when those systems are heavily customized.

Dovetail provides expertise, services and software that will help you successfully complete an infrastructure upgrade. A typical engagement includes:

  • Analysis of your current customizations
  • Recommendations for any necessary testing
  • Assistance with test planning as needed
  • Implementation of any Dovetail product required to ensure stability
  • Support throughout the project as needed
  • Ongoing support of your complete system


Our Infrastructure Upgrade Services enable your organization to achieve better performance and supportability of your Clarify system with far less effort and cost than the standard approach.

Customer Successes

Here’s just a few examples of the many customers that we’ve helped upgrade their infrastructure to newer, supported versions of databases and server operating systems.

Clarify 4

Clarify 3

Clarify 5

Clarify 2




Clarify 6