User Applications

Agent-5-on-screenBuilt using common web technologies, Dovetail web applications are easier to customize and integrate with than legacy proprietary software. Deploying software to client machines is eliminated. Users only need the web browser that they already have. Web applications allow access from wherever the user is, including from their mobile devices.

Dovetail Agent

Dovetail Agent is a contemporary web application that replaces the legacy Clarify Classic Client. It brings the power of modern web technologies to your existing Clarify system.

Dovetail Mobile

Dovetail Mobile is a web application that puts the power of your Clarify system into the hands of mobile users, allowing system access anywhere, anytime, from a smartphone or tablet.

Dovetail Agent Lite

The Dovetail Agent Lite web application is a low-cost alternative to the full Dovetail Agent. It’s perfect for users who only need to perform basic support functions, or for users who only need occasional system access.

Dovetail SelfService

Dovetail SelfService is a web portal where customers can interact with your support organization, enabling additional service and convenience to customers.