Build new applications and Extend your Clarify/Dovetail System

The Dovetail SDK is a .NET software development kit for writing applications for a Clarify/Dovetail system. Dovetail uses the SDK as a platform for building our applications, including Dovetail Agent, Dovetail Mobile Agent, Dovetail RuleManager, and Dovetail Seeker. Clarify and Dovetail customers can now use this same SDK platform for building custom applications and extending their system.

The SDK includes code libraries, documentation, examples, sample applications, and utilities to help with configuration and database management.

  • Low-level APIs: Low-level APIs: Using the SDK, you can query, insert, update, relate, unrelate, and delete data from your database without worrying about corrupting data or interfering with the use of other software attached to your database.
  • High-level API Toolkits: Provides convenient business logic wrappers for most of the common tasks performed in a Clarify environment, such as creating cases, solutions, contacts, change requests and site parts, and performing workflow and logistical operations.
  • .NET and COM: Written using the Microsoft .NET framework, the most common usage of the SDK is from .NET languages and environments such as C#, VB.NET and PowerShell. SDK also provides COM interfaces, allowing it to be used from COM-based languages such as Visual Basic 6, JavaScript, VBScript, and ClearBasic.

Bootstrap your Development

BoostrapSDK ships with sample applications, including a console/command-line application, and a Windows Forms application. In addition, we provide a web application example (including how to expose Dovetail SDK API calls as web services) and an example Windows service application. These are freely available on Github, and are provided as complete working solutions with full source code, helping developers to quickly get started using the SDK in their own environment.

Clarify Compatibility and Co-Existence

SDK works with most versions of Clarify, and with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. If you upgrade your Clarify system or your database, applications built using the Dovetail SDK will continue to work without change. Applications built using the Dovetail SDK co-exist with other Clarify applications – including the Clarify Classic Client and CBO-based applications.