Health Check

Preventative Care for your Clarify System

Enterprise applications, which have been in service for many years, often present challenges that are quite different than those of newer systems. Additionally, the organizations that rely on these systems typically have their own unique requirements. Clarify environments generally fall into two categories, interestingly at opposite ends of a spectrum:

  • Those that are being actively changed and upgraded to meet new business requirements.
  • Those that have remained unchanged for many years.

In either case, Dovetail will structure an assessment that is right for you. Whether your team is struggling with performance issues and complexity brought on by years of customization or you just need someone to help you take a fresh look at how a properly configured Clarify system can benefit your organization, Dovetail has the experience to help.

Health Check Program Process


Virtual Assessment

Initial conversations and questionnaires set the stage for the areas of the application and business process that you wish to focus on during the assessment.


On-Site Assessment

An in-person consultation occurs with key staff members across departments that interact with teh system. This includes end users, IT, DBAs, business analysts, administrators and management. We also shadow and observe users working on the system.


Analysis & Results

Dovetail delivers a written, interactive report detailing our observations, findings and recommendations, so that you may unlock greater value from your Clarify System.


Follow-Up Assessment

A follow-up phone call, video conference, or in-person meeting allows more detailed conversations surrounding the report and lays the groundwork for an improvement plan.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Dovetail. Our relationship has been wonderful since Day #1 and continues to strengthen. Thank you for being a true partner with H&R Block. I consider our relationship to be among the best I have with any IT vendor I work with (and I work with over 500!).” John Meiers, Sourcing Leader | H&R Block