Import, Export, Purge and Archive Data

A common problem for system administrators responsible for Clarify systems is dealing with a large, cumbersome database. A key reason is that practical tools and methodologies for archiving large amounts of Clarify data are not provided by the vendor. ArchiveManager is the answer for reliable data archival, giving administrators the ability to periodically remove records from a Clarify database and place them in an easily accessible archive database.

ArchiveManager helps to ensure reliability and accuracy on any size data handling job, but its real power becomes most apparent on jobs involving several hundreds of thousands of records or more. While its performance depends on the complexity of the data targeted and the host infrastructure, it is not uncommon to see archival rates of 20,000 to 100,000 cases per hour or more. In most situations, other types of data can be handled even more quickly than case data because the case object is typically one of the more complex aspects of a Clarify system.

Key Benefits

  • Better system responsiveness
  • Shorter backup times
  • Shorter indexing times
  • Faster database indexing
  • Shorter disaster recovery times
  • More manageable database replication for high availability

Key Features

  • Object Archiving: Any data object within Clarify can be archived, including custom objects.
  • Criteria Selection: Virtually any criteria can be used to determine the selection of data to be archived.
  • Dataex emulation: Supports all Clarify dataex commands and can be installed as a complete replacement for dataex.
  • Recovery Mode: Keeps track of its progress so that in the event of an interruption, processing can restart at the point of interruption.


Clarify Compatibility and Co-Existence

Dovetail ArchiveManger is compatible with the following products:

  • Clarify 7 through Clarify 12.x
  • Amdocs 6.x
  • Amdocs 7.x


“The Dovetail Platform delivered huge productivity gains, and has made life a lot easier for everyone.” Paul Marble, Sr. Systems Architect | Cognex