Supporting Applications

Dovetail’s server applications work seamlessly with existing Clarify systems, and extend them with the functionality expected in today’s modern enterprise systems – including escalations and notifications, improved search, advanced email processing, enterprise integration and workflow orchestration.

Dovetail Carrier

Dovetail Carrier is a flexible and customizable message handling framework for Clarify/Dovetail systems. Applications for Carrier range from basic handling of incoming emails for updating cases and other objects in the system (to replace Email Clerk), to orchestrating complex business workflows based on multiple external inputs.

Dovetail RuleManager

Dovetail RuleManager is a stable and reliable drop-in replacement for the Clarify/Amdocs Rule Manager. Working with all of your existing business rules and command line interfaces, RuleManager monitors your system for application events and subsequently processes these events.

Dovetail Seeker

Dovetail Seeker is an advance search engine that enables centralized full-text searching of all the data within your Clarify/Dovetail environment. Users can search for data within the database, such as customers, case history and the knowledgebase. They can also search for file attachments, such as case and subcase attachments, and even external documents (documentation, technical bulletins and whitepapers).

Dovetail Admin

Dovetail Admin is an easy to use web application that replaces the Policies, Customers and Product Manager modules of Clarify.