Simplify Managing your Workflows

Dovetail RuleManager is a stable and reliable drop-in replacement for the Clarify/Amdocs Rule Manager. Working with all of your existing business rules and command line interfaces, RuleManager monitors your system for application events and subsequently processes these events. Customers find the Dovetail RuleManager more stable and reliable, higher performing, and easier to configure and use than other options.



  • Processes business rules and rule actions.
  • Sends commitment warnings and expiration notifications.
  • Sends outgoing email.
  • Multi-threaded, for higher performance
  • Enhances logging, for better troubleshooting of business rule issues


Enhancements over Clarify RuleManager

  • Works with any SMTP mail server (it does not require Outlook)
  • Supports the From token in an email template, allowing more control of the From address of outgoing emails.
  • Can include attachments for outgoing emails sent via a Log Email action
  • Outgoing emails can be signed using digital certificates


“Our newfound ability to expose customer data to other parts of the enterprise using Dovetail is awesome – there is no way we could have done this with Amdocs.” Darcy Roessler, Project Manager | Best Buy