Access to Clarify and Dovetail Administrative Tools Anytime, Anywhere

Dovetail Admin provides complete access to the administrative tools in a Clarify or Dovetail system using only a web browser.


Key Benefits:

  • Web access to your Clarify or Dovetail system: Using only a web browser, Admin allows you to perform system administration functions from almost anywhere, at any time.
  • Ability to grant administrative access to users: Business users can be granted access to certain administrative functions, allowing them to manage their own business rules and transitions without relying on system administrators.
  • Ease of configuration: Setup and maintenance of the working environment does not require highly technical skills.

Key Features

  • Manage application lists, user-defined lists, and status and activity codes.
  • Implement business rules and define rule properties.
  • Manage auto-destination rules.
  • Create Dovetail queries, which are used within the Dovetail Agent application.
  • Manage employees and privileges.
  • Configure items, numbering schemes, and queues.
  • Manage parts, part revisions, part domains, part classes, and part catalogs.
  • Define workflow transitions for quality and logistics operations.
  • Manage countries, states, time zones, zip codes, and currencies.



Clarify Compatibility and Co-Existence

Dovetail Administration is compatible with the following:

  • Clarify 7 through Clarify 12.x
  • Amdocs 6.x
  • Amdocs 7.x
“Dovetail provided the quickest way to achieve our objectives, in part because it removed the need to re-engineer Clarify, which would have added a lot of time and cost to the project.” Neil Cao, Applications Development Manager | Akibia