24×7 Access for your Customers

Dovetail SelfService enables your customers to search a knowledge base for answers to their questions and submit, update, and check requests over the web, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the load on your representatives.

It is easily customizable, allowing organizations to extend the customer-facing experience in unique ways. Using standard HTML and CSS, the look and feel of SelfService can easily be modified to match the branding of your existing corporate website.

Key Features

  • Create new cases, which are then auto-dispatched to the correct queue.
  • Add notes, upload files, close and reopen existing cases.
  • Search the public knowledge-base (solutions) using the powerful Dovetail Seeker search engine.
  • Update profile information.
  • Reset lost passwords automatically.

Mobile Friendly

Your Customers are mobile – so should your portal. Dovetail SelfService is implemented using standard web technologies – which means it works on any modern, standards-compliant browser, including iOS and Android.

Richly formatted knowledgebase articles

  • Solutions get the rich formatting they deserve via the use of Markdown.
  • Headings, bold, italic, bullets, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Tables, code blocks, task lists
  • Inline Images
  • Embedded Videos


Dovetail SelfService is fully customizable using standard web technologies and languages – including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This means that your developers don’t need to learn or code in a proprietary language when customizing the application.

Clarify Compatibility and Co-Existence

Dovetail SelfService works with the version of Clarify you have – eliminating the need for expensive and lengthy Clarify upgrades. Dovetail SelfService is compatible with:

  • Clarify 7 – Clarify 12.x
  • Amdocs 6.x, 7.x


“Dovetail has everything successfully indexed and “search” features is a big hit with the users.” Gary Storey, Dovetail Systems Administrator | Macy's