Real-time Web Access to Information Developers Need Most

Clarify BOLT Laptop

Dovetail BOLT is a web application that provides real-time access of essential system information to developers, implementers, and system administrators – including your custom schema, forms, and business rules.


Using just your web browser, you can easily access:

  • Schema: Search for and view your schema in real-time, including tables, views, relations, joins, and indexes – including your custom schema.
  • Forms: Search for your Clarify Classic Client forms and see details about the form’s contextual objects, controls, child forms, tabs, and parent forms..
  • Business Rules: Search for and view all aspects of a business rule  – including the rule title, rule set, description, rule status, objects, start events, cancel events, conditions and actions.
  • Lists: View your application and user-defined lists and their elements.
  • Database Info: View how your database is set up, including ADP database header information, database flags, schema revision information and other miscellaneous database information.
  • SQL: Use an integrated query tool that allows quick database operations, which commonly occur during development activities.
  • Clarify Licenses: View your Clarify license information in an easily readable format.



Dovetail BOLT is a FREE Product

You can download BOLT from the Dovetail Support Site.


“Dovetail has been awesome!! Thanks again!!! I have some happy users.” Lisa Mitsdarffer, Sr. IT Business Analyst | BMS