Dovetail Seeker is a powerful search engine that allows simple, yet robust full-text searching of the data within your Clarify / Dovetail system. Users can search for data within the database (such as customers, case history and the knowledgebase), as well as file attachments (such as case and subcase attachments), and external documents (such as documentation, technical bulletins and whitepapers).

seeker in monitor

Seeker is the back-end service that indexes data and then exposes a search API via a web service. Client applications then simply make search requests to the Seeker web service and display the results.

The result is a simple, powerful, familiar search function that users are already comfortable with.

This search functionality is built into many client applications, including:


  • By off-loading expensive searches from the relational database (SQL Server or Oracle), overall system performance is improved.
  • Constantly refreshing search indexes, allowing users to access the latest information at all times.
  • Single search across all content locations allows agents and customers (through SelfService) to find answers quickly and easily.
  • Search index available across applications, allowing search clients access to your indexed content.
  • Search can easily be integrated into custom applications and websites.


  • Seeker is built on top of Lucene, an open source high performance search library.
  • Search queries are submitted to the Seeker web service using a standard HTTP request.
  • Search results are returned as JSON, a standard data format that can be consumed by cross platform applications. Whether your application is written in .NET, Java, ClearBasic, C, or almost any other language – integrating powerful search capabilities into your application becomes easy.
“Dovetail has everything successfully indexed and the “search” feature is a big hit with the users.” Gary Storey, Dovetail Systems Administrator | Macy’s