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Goodbye ClarifyToolbox

April 27, 2015 A few years ago, I created, which was a a repository of apps, code snippets, add-ons, and APIs for the Clarify environment. It was a little experiment of my own making to try and share some resources with the community, and also a chance for me to play with Drupal. It just didn’t get the traffic or interest anticipated, and it was costing me money out of my own pocket every month, so it’s now shut down. I still own the domain. If someone in the community is interested in it, let me know.

Clarify IT Toolbox group being deactivated?

February 24, 2015 I received an email today from IT Toolbox: Based on recent member feedback, the following groups will be deactivated:ACT!ClarifySalesLogixYou are currently a member of one or more of these groups. You can ask or reply to new threads in CRM - General Discussions. I’m definitely saddened by this – I’ve shared a lot of information there, and learned a lot as well.  We’ll see how the Clarify community takes to the CRM - General Discussions list instead. I’m guessing that it’s due to the lack of activity on the Clarify list. Looking at the number of messages per month, the decline is pretty obvious. Quite the decline from its heyday in the early 2000s. My first post to that group was back in January of 2001. Over 14 years ago – crazy! What about the archives? I sent an email…

Clarify Toolbox

May 17, 2010 Check it out: Clarify Toolbox is a repository of apps, code snippets, add-ons, and APIs for the Clarify environment. Have some code to share that might be useful to others in the Clarify community? Post it to ClarifyToolbox. Interested in code snippets, APIs, or free products for your Clarify implementation?  Download it from ClarifyToolbox. Have a suggestion? Email the site administrator:

Austin Code Camp 2010: More good stuff

May 12, 2010 I mentioned previously that a couple of our devs would be presenting at Austin Code Camp this year. Also presenting will be Joshua Flanagan from Dovetail. Josh will be talking about about “Leveraging conventions in .NET”, including walk-throughs of a few examples of how my conventions in our day-to-day work help us move fast, including: jQuery – Should give you a good taste of its power, if you aren’t using it yet. There are a few more jQuery sessions at Code Camp so you can dive in deeper if you like what you see. Fluent NHibernate – even if you haven’t used FNH or NHibernate, you’ll still be able to appreciate the examples FubuMVC – should also be interesting to ASP.NET MVC developers Sounds like great stuff! The Conference is this Saturday, May 15, 2010. You can still register online.…

Austin Code Camp 2010

May 10, 2010 It’s that time of year again – time for the Austin .Net User Group annual Code Camp. It’s a one day free conference, For the Community, By the community. The Conference is this Saturday, May 15, 2010. You can still register online. Jeremy Miller and Chad Myers from Dovetail will be doing a Dovetail Software Show and Tell session, going under the hood of Dovetail CRM. The session overview: Dovetail's "rules engine." We have a custom rules engine built on the standard Event - Condition - Action pattern that works against our domain model. The E-C-A parts are all composed with StructureMap and the rules configuration is done by an external DSL editor that presents a near English experience for users. It's also very extensible for those pesky customer customizations down the road. I think this is the most challenging…

Dovetail / Clarify Happy Hour : Massachusetts Edition

December 7, 2009 While I’m in Massachusetts next week, we’re sponsoring a get-together for our Dovetail and Clarify friends. Wednesday, December 16th from 5:30 - 8:00 at John Harvard's Brewpub in Framingham, MA. Drinks and appetizers are on us. It’s an informal evening, talking Dovetail and Clarify, technology, and meeting like-minded people, all while sharing a few pints. RSVP to the event through Looking forward to seeing you there!   Click here to check out The Dovetail / Clarify Happy Hour Meetup!

Austin Code Camp Recap

May 19, 2008 I spent Saturday with friends, co-workers, Twitter peeps, and assorted geeks at the third annual Austin Code Camp. I've been all three years, and I enjoyed this one the most. There was over 200 attendees, which was a great turnout. There was a lot of great sessions. It was also cool that a bunch of people made the drive in from Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston. The sessions I attended: Agile in the Enterprise Coding for Stupid Users (which was really a session on User Experience Design) Taming the Legacy Code Beast Introduction to jQuery Fishbowl talk on TDD & BDD Advanced CSS & JavaScript Of course, not only was it great to attend the sessions, but getting a chance to meet and converse with lots of cool, smart people in-between sessions and after the camp tends to be…

FreshBooks roadtrip: a great example of getting personal with customers

April 11, 2008 Becky at the Customers Rock! blog recently detailed the FreshBooks roadtrip, which is a great example of how a company can stay connected with its customers. I love this: This was not a product roadshow.  This was a listening tour. I also really like how they're using face-to-face conversations, but also expanding their conversations using a company blog, a roadtrip blog, and Twitter. Awesome.

Give, give, give

March 21, 2008 This is brilliant. Just watch: In a similar vein, a snippet from Hugh at SXSW: We can only execute on 10 percent of our ideas. We might as well give the other 90 percent away.

What we need is a user story

October 31, 2007 There was an interesting discussion this week over on the Clarify IT Toolbox list - interesting (to me) not so much because of the technical question, but because how it brings to light user stories, or lack thereof. The original question: How Can I custimize the process of "Accepting" a case. I want to have a msgbox before a case is accepted. Some of the discussion: what is your customisation exactly ?  what will appear in your msg box ? I just want to display a message Box before a case is accepted.msgbox can contain any text message like "Hello". Do you want the message box to appear before the accept dialogue appears? "Before a case moves to the default wipbin (because I am having only one wip bin), a msgbox with some text should poped up." You still fail…
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