Dovetail Mobile on tablets

The question has come up a few times: can I use Dovetail on a tablet?  Well, Dovetail Mobile supports mobile devices, and a tablet is a mobile device, so it should work, right? Yes, indeed it does. Our Dovetail Mobile app works great on tablets.


And for and for those Clarify customers who want to access their Clarify system via smartphones and tablets, Dovetail Mobile is a great choice for this. We’ve certainly seen more and more organizations allowing employees to use their own devices, so having apps that are compatible with a user’s device is important. Web apps are a great choice for this.


I’ve captured a few screenshots using a few different devices (iPad, Kindle Fire, and a Motorola Xoom), so you can see that Dovetail is compatible with a variety of tablets.








Kindle Fire


Unfortunately, the Fire doesn’t have a built-in screenshot app, so I fell back to taking a pic of the whole tablet itself.






Motorola Xoom (Android)


Again, this Android doesn’t have a built-in screenshot app. Sorry.






What tablets will it work on?

If it’s got a web browser on it, it’ll work. That’s one of the advantages of Dovetail Mobile being a web app as opposed to a native app.


Which view mode is recommended?

As I showed in a previous post, Dovetail Mobile has three view modes:


Classic Mobile, Modern Mobile, and Desktop.

  • Desktop: for laptops and desktops. Sometimes referred to as Dovetail Agent Lite.
  • Modern Mobile: For modern mobile devices like iPhone and Android
  • Classic Mobile: Minimalist version for older smart phones


Since today’s tablets are all pretty “modern”, the Modern Mobile mode looks great (which is the mode shown in all of the screenshots above).


But, if you prefer the Desktop or Classic Mobile mode – go for it. They all work. Your preference.


What version of Clarify will this work with?

Dovetail Mobile will work with any version of Clarify, from Clarify 7 –> Clarify 12, Amdocs 6 and 7.


Do I have to upgrade my Clarify version to use Dovetail Mobile?

No. It works with the version of Clarify you have. So even if you’re on an older version of Clarify, you can still add mobile access to your system.


Can I try it out on my device?

Sure. Just drop me an email, and I’ll give you access to a demo site that you can use.

What about you?


In case you can’t tell, I really dig this app. When I’m at work, I use Dovetail Mobile on my laptop (in Desktop mode). When I’m at home, I use it on my iPad (in Modern Mobile mode). And when I’m, uh, mobile, I use it on my iPhone (in Modern Mobile mode).


Are you using tablets? At home? At work? Is your organization using tablets? What would make this more useful to you or your organization? I’d love to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment below.


Rock on.