A plethora of uses for Dovetail Mobile

Dovetail Mobile has quickly become one of my favorite products. Although it was originally designed for use on Mobile devices, it seems that I’m constantly coming up with new ways to use it.

On a Mobile Device

In its original intended state: on a mobile device.


On the Desktop

As I’ve shown before, a little bit of styling makes it pleasant to use on the desktop.



Within a Google Gadget

From a previous post: Clarify / Amdocs / Dovetail access from a Google Gadget



Within Outlook

You can easily add a folder in outlook that points to a URL. That makes it easy to incorporate Dovetail Mobile within Outlook.


This is easy to setup. Create a folder in Outlook, right-click on the folder, choose Properties. Check the box that says "Show home page by default", and set the Address to the URL for the Dovetail application. Like so:


That’s it. Now when you click on the folder, you’ll be taken to the Dovetail application – all within Outlook.


As an archived case viewer

It’s common that old data (such as cases) are archived out of the production database and imported into an archive database. You can use Dovetail Mobile as a simple, web-based, read-only archived case viewer.




As an archived case viewer within the Clarify Classic Client

Like above, only this time we’ve incorporated it into a form (using a Browser control) within the Clarify Classic Client.

Normal Clarify operations work against the production database, and Archived Case Viewer (Dovetail Mobile) accesses your archive database.



More ideas?

What do you think? Have more ideas where Dovetail Mobile would be useful? I’d love to hear your ideas, so leave a comment!