Creating Bug-Free software

I’ve heard some rumblings of late about software companies claiming that they have bug-free software, while behind the scenes they are simply closing bugs that have been opened without actually fixing them.

Well, this is certainly a much easier way to create bug-free software that actually having disciplined engineering practices.

We can do this pretty easy by simply creating a business rule that calls a script.

The business rule

Object Type: Change Request

Rule Name: Bug Free

Rule Set: Best Practices

Start Event: Create

Conditions: None

Action Title: Go bug free

Message Type: Command Line

Start Action: 0 minutes

From: Event Creation

Using: Elapsed Time

Command Line: C:WINDOWSsystem32WINDOW~1v1.0powershell.exe C:workPowerShellScriptsGoBugFree.ps1 "[Object ID]"


The Script


$IdNumber = [string] $args[0];

$ClarifyApplication = [Fchoice.Foundation.Clarify.ClarifyApplication]

$ClarifySession = $ClarifyApplication::Instance.CreateSession()
$qualityToolkit= new-object FChoice.Toolkits.Clarify.Quality.QualityToolkit( $ClarifySession )

$bugSetup = new-object FChoice.Toolkits.Clarify.Quality.CloseCRSetup($IdNumber)
$bugSetup.Status = "Will Not Fix"
$bugSetup = $qualityToolkit.CloseCR($bugSetup);

There you go – bug-free software! Wow – that was easy!



And yes, before anyone gets their panties in a bunch- this is a joke.