Saving Searches in Dovetail applications

Saving Searches in Dovetail Agent

One of the things under development for the next version of Dovetail Agent is the ability to save your favorite searches.

Here’s a screenshot:


So you can now save your searches, and easily execute them again at anytime.

You can also name a search. By default, the name of the search will be the search terms. But you can rename it to whatever you want.
For example, as opposed to a search being named: “squeaking washer condition:open casetype:problem”
You may choose to rename it as “open cases for squeaky washer”

Look for this functionality in the next release of Dovetail Agent.

Saving Searches in Dovetail Mobile Agent and Agent Lite

Currently, we don’t have Saved Searches in Dovetail Mobile Agent or Agent Lite. This is on the enhancement list for the future.

But, you can easily save a search today by simply using a browser bookmark/favorite.

Here’s a screenshot of a search within Dovetail Agent Lite:


Notice the URL:


Notice that it has all of the search parameters within it.

  • The path to the search page: http://localhost/AgentLite/Search/query?query=
  • The text keywords to search for: squeaking + washer
  • Structured attributes: condition:open + casetype:problem
  • And a search domain: &searchDomain=case

So you can simply bookmark this using your browser, and easily execute this query again at anytime.


The functionality works exactly the same within Dovetail Mobile Agent.