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Rayanne Thorn
Rayanne Thorn
About: Rayanne Thorn joined Dovetail Software as VP of Marketing in 2015 after several years working as a head of marketing for several technology companies. She launched HR Latte, a tech and HR podcast, in 2014 to start  and continue conversations about what what we are doing right and what we can improve human resources and the many technologies which support it. She is an avid writer and loves producing worthy digital content that makes a difference in how we think and act.Expertisemarketing, digital content, recruiting, human resources, conferences, events, video, podcasting, presenting, public speaking, copywriting, partnerships, strategyFeel free to follow Rayanne on Twitter here --> @Ray_anne

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Update and Modernize Your Clarify Environment

update modernize clarify
March 7, 2018 Update your Clarify Environment Dovetail has a total system approach to update and modernize Clarify and addresses all aspects of the system, from the user interface and its customization framework to the backend server applications and security. It is possible to completely overhaul your whole system or just as easily solve one or two particular issues. What our solution does is allows organizations to infuse current technologies with new life - an updated and modernized system by expanded methods of deployment, increased functionality, simplified customization and administration, as well as this: lower costs. <-  Who doesn't want that? Access Through the Web Dovetail offers a completely independent framework for accessing Clarify data through the web.  This framework can be used to replace your existing access points to Clarify such as the classic client, eSupport, and smart client or it can…

How Important is Improving the Experience of Your Customer?

improve the experience of your customer
April 10, 2017 "Modernize Your Clarify Experience" For years, we have been helping Amdocs Clarify customers / users update or modernize their Clarify experience, which in turn updates the experience of their own customers. We think it's important enough to keep at it. We want to improve your experience and that of your customer. We have a total system approach to modernizing Clarify that addresses all aspects of the system from the user experience and its customization framework to the back-end server applications and security. Believe it our not, we make it possible to completely overhaul the system. Or we can simply solve just one or two particular issues. Dovetail allows you to infuse modern technologies to breathe new life into your Clarify system through expanded methods of deployment, increased functionality, simplified customization and administration, and lower costs. With Dovetail, you can literally…

How Important is Great Customer Support?

customer support
February 28, 2017 You Tell Me -- how important is it to you?One of the things I noticed right away when I joined Dovetail Software was the excellent customer support provided by the teams here. I've worked for various technology companies for the last ten years - rarely have I encountered the passion for providing quality products and quality service as I have witnessed here.Yes, it is my job to talk about how great Dovetail is, what kind of marketer would I be if I didn't? Probably an unemployed one. But when my words are backed up by our development and support teams, it's easy to let my pride for where I work shine through.We Support YouWe actually care about your Amdocs / Clarify experience and we are here to improve it. Bettering your legacy environment is why we do what we do.…

Opportunity Breeds Success

January 11, 2017 Nature vs. Nurture?The on-going discussion: the naturally-gifted vs. the manufactured.  Are those who are naturally talented less likely to work hard to achieve success?  Does hard work drive success, whether you are talented or not?  I have often stated, “Hard work pays off. Always.” But does it really? How about the kid who studies her heart out to maintain a C+ average versus the one who never studies and maintains a 4.0 or better?  I grew up with kids like both representations. Personally, I endlessly studied and in my case, the hard work paid off with good grades. But was it my natural inclination toward the subjects I studied - those I selected or was it the hard work which resulted in good grades?We can argue incessantly about how success is achieved.  But I think Winston Churchill said it best,…

Synergy and Strength: Finding the Balance

January 5, 2017 “Synergy... it creates new untapped alternatives; it values and exploits the mental, emotional, and psychological differences between people.” ~Stephen CoveyThe TeamBeing a part of a team can be a wonderful, exhilarating, delightful, excruciating, debilitating, and/or harrowing experience. Navigating the roads to a successful internal partnership can be dangerous and filled with trepidation that must often be cajoled with tenacity. But without the stubbornness that must be honed as business partners/owners, we may become nothing more than corporate doormats; laid out for all to wipe their feet on.Weakness or Strength?I have been in numerous meetings which have resulted in, “I told you so” moments. I'm sure we all have. One meeting in particular?  It wasn’t actually said out loud but it was felt by all in the room.Knowing when to utilize strength in an office setting or on a team can…

The Power of Professionalism

power of professionalism
June 27, 2016 Recognizing OpportunityWe are given the chance throughout our work life to seize opportunities, whether it is with colleagues day-to-day or in a more formal professional setting such as a sales meeting or an industry conference. I enjoy watching, listening, and learning when these opportunities arise. I love being in the midst of greatness, of technical genius or industry giants - leaders I look up to. I cherish these opportunities and soak them up. Never do I claim to be an expert or purport to know more than those presenting - there is a great deal of respect owed to those who put themselves out there or those who do have expert-level knowledge and skills in whatever area they choose to work.Opportunity to LearningWhile opportunity to learn is great, true learning is evident in implementation. I am often eager to implement,…

The Wave of Consistent Technology Development

the wave pf technology development
June 20, 2016 Did You Catch the Wave?Do you even remember it?  Six years ago,  Google gave WAVE a proper goodbye. I never did ride the Google Wave; I think I tried it once, but it held no appeal. I could see that in order for it to truly work and work well, practically everyone had to use it, and often. This type of participation early on is impossible today. Not everyone is an early adopter and, apparently not even being a Google product could save the Wave.Technology TodayTechnology, on the back-end, becomes complicated by the hour, by the minute.  And this is all in an effort to present to you and I - the users of technology - an opportunity to actually use it with ease. The more intuitive and easy it is to use, the more complicated the technology, typically.And while I love technology and…

Testing the Waters: Understanding the Customer

undertsanding the customer
June 10, 2016 What We Do and Understanding the CustomerTesting the waters, as a marketer, can be tenuous. Depending on marketing campaigns, we run the risk of boring our intended audience or annoying them. Over the years, I have come to understand that each effort can be a good effort, as it may reach just the person it was intended to reach. But, there is also the risk of over-saturation. The most important thing, for me, as a marketer and as someone who truly believes in our product and cares about our company, is to know the customer.Knowing the Customer - YOUR CustomerIt isn't enough to know who the customer is - their name, rank, and serial number. It isn't enough to know what they do. It isn't nearly enough to know what our competitors do when it comes to their own marketing…

Software and Customer Service

customer service
June 3, 2016 Customer Service Today - a phantomMy colleague Matt, a sales director here at Dovetail, recently wrote about customer service on our HR blog - this is something I find myself more and more concerned with as we continue to move from a manual society to all-things automated or computer-related. As a customer, are your needs truly met - do you feel like you are listened to? Do you want more? Have you come to expect less?Expecting LessI think this is where we are today. We have come a place where poor customer service is the norm. Where the client is only listened to when they threaten public shaming or when they actually go to a public forum like Twitter or Yelp to describe their poor experience. How sad that it has come to this. How sad that the days of…