How Important is Improving the Experience of Your Customer?

improve the experience of your customer

“Modernize Your Clarify Experience”

For years, we have been helping Amdocs Clarify customers / users update or modernize their Clarify experience, which in turn updates the experience of their own customers. We think it’s important enough to keep at it. We want to improve your experience and that of your customer.

We have a total system approach to modernizing Clarify that addresses all aspects of the system from the user experience and its customization framework to the back-end server applications and security.

Believe it our not, we make it possible to completely overhaul the system. Or we can simply solve just one or two particular issues. Dovetail allows you to infuse modern technologies to breathe new life into your Clarify system through expanded methods of deployment, increased functionality, simplified customization and administration, and lower costs.

With Dovetail, you can literally make a fresh start.

“The Dovetail path actually delivers on all the fresh start benefits above but with one very big differentiator which allows us to complete your transition without the giant scope that the other options require. We allow you to base the new system on your existing Clarify database. Said another way, it’s out with all the cruft, bloat, and old, backward technology, but your valuable data stays right where it is to live on in a new system.” – Kent Valentine

Why not find out how we can help you and the many customers you support? We’d love t show you a quick live demo of our Clarify Agent product so that you can get a better idea of the difference it can make to your work in and in your workday.

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