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Customer Service Today – a phantom

My colleague Matt, a sales director here at Dovetail, recently wrote about customer service on our HR blog – this is something I find myself more and more concerned with as we continue to move from a manual society to all-things automated or computer-related. As a customer, are your needs truly met – do you feel like you are listened to? Do you want more? Have you come to expect less?

Expecting Less

I think this is where we are today. We have come a place where poor customer service is the norm. Where the client is only listened to when they threaten public shaming or when they actually go to a public forum like Twitter or Yelp to describe their poor experience. How sad that it has come to this.

How sad that the days of the customer being right or that their needs are paramount are long gone. That we spend more time on hold, waiting to speak to support or a customer service rep than we do actually having conversations – OR we never have conversations at all anymore. Or do we spend the majority of our support-seeking time pushing a button at the tone or submitting an email by clicking send?

This seems to be the expectation and unfortunate reality today.

The Difference

I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary at Dovetail, heading up marketing. For the last nine years, I have done marketing of some sort or another for technology companies, ranging from start-ups to well-established industry-specific organizations. Software is different. Relationships through the RFP and sales process are imperative. Customer support and training can make or break a company’s ability to retain a client. 

I have spent a great deal of time learning from the masters here at Dovetail, trying to absorb as much information and as many details as possible from the dev teams, as well as sales and support. 

I am consistently blown away by the quality of work done at Dovetail – the speed with which it is done and the desire to assist clients and potential clients by continually improving our products with updates and new features. We are here to help. And with software, if you aren’t helping, you are hindering. We know this is true.


We care about what we do. We are passionate about what we provide, whether it is a product or a service to help you use our products. Exciting things are happening here at Dovetail for Clarify. I love hearing Gary Sherman, our CTO, talk about the work we are doing, the products and service we are providing. 

I also love hearing from clients about their experiences using our product(s) and working with our team. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a few and look forward to learning even more from others.

Let us know if you have a question or a simple comment. Because, trust me, we are listening.

**Check out Agent, to see some of the incredible work we are doing here at Dovetail for Clarify.


Making work easier.

Rayanne Thorn