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Collecting In-App User Feedback in Dovetail Agent

July 25, 2017 In a previous post, I covered the basics of Action Items, and how they can be used. Here, I'll illustrate how we used action items as a way of capturing user feedback within the Dovetail Agent app.   Within the page header in Dovetail Agent is a Send Feedback icon. Send Feedback Icon / Link in Dovetail Agent   Clicking that opens a Send Feedback form. Send Feedback Form   It's a very simple form - a dropdown for the subject: Suggestion, Bug, Compliment, or Question, and then a Feedback text box, where the user can type in some feedback. This feedback mechanism allows our users to easily report a bug, ask a question, or send us a compliment about something within the app. Upon submitting the form, the user gets a…

Software and Customer Service

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June 3, 2016 Customer Service Today - a phantomMy colleague Matt, a sales director here at Dovetail, recently wrote about customer service on our HR blog - this is something I find myself more and more concerned with as we continue to move from a manual society to all-things automated or computer-related. As a customer, are your needs truly met - do you feel like you are listened to? Do you want more? Have you come to expect less?Expecting LessI think this is where we are today. We have come a place where poor customer service is the norm. Where the client is only listened to when they threaten public shaming or when they actually go to a public forum like Twitter or Yelp to describe their poor experience. How sad that it has come to this. How sad that the days of…