The Wave of Consistent Technology Development

the wave pf technology development

Did You Catch the Wave?

Do you even remember it?  Six years ago,  Google gave WAVE a proper goodbye. I never did ride the Google Wave; I think I tried it once, but it held no appeal. I could see that in order for it to truly work and work well, practically everyone had to use it, and often. This type of participation early on is impossible today. Not everyone is an early adopter and, apparently not even being a Google product could save the Wave.

Technology Today

Technology, on the back-end, becomes complicated by the hour, by the minute.  And this is all in an effort to present to you and I – the users of technology – an opportunity to actually use it with ease. The more intuitive and easy it is to use, the more complicated the technology, typically.

And while I love technology and the benefit it brings to my life, my work / it frazzles my brain when I think of all I should and want to know. The shoulds don’t outweigh the wants <- and this is my problem, there just are not enough hours in the day to jam it all in to my brain. There are not enough resources to explore that will help iron out the wrinkles in my brain where the majority of all this information goes to hide.  
I often wish I were born a genius.

Lucky for us, at Dovetail – we have do geniuses on our tech teams who know what they are doing and have already ironed out those wrinkles for us. This is a wave you can ride, all the way to shore!

My work – the Marketing

I love what I do every single day. I love that I touch something new daily – that daily something comes across my desk or my computer of which I have never heard or that I don’t fully comprehend – and never will. And while I am constantly hopping on the surfboard of most technologies or concepts I touch – for that is what drives me – it would be nice if, every once in a while, I caught said wave and I could enjoy the ride while saying, “Oh, I get it.” Wouldn’t it be nice? Not likely, but nice.

The Next Wave

So, I continue to watch for a new set and the next big wave and ride it out to the end. The end being where full comprehension takes place. With each new wave comes an opportunity for growth and an undeniable reward for those willing to risk or follow their gut in the learning or development storm of new tech. You gotta love a fast-paced world where one technology overtakes another before full implementation of the first even has a chance. Or, in the case of Dovetail, where constant innovation prepares you for the next set of waves – to which you can select the perfect ride.

The Future is Here and Now

I will persist in cruising through TechCrunch and Mashable, my inbox will continue to be full of invites to try this or demo that. My brain will be tired every night and I am sure sleep will be filled with visions of Blue Ocean Strategy or the nightmares of  Fahrenheit 451

Either way, the future is here. The next set is churning and it’s now. I am glad to be in the now, just wish I was more firmly planted in the howSomeday. But I will still always be behind tomorrow, propped up on my surfboard, watching for the perfect wave.