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Replacing Disparate Field Service Software with Dovetail Mobile

Dovetail Mobile
July 5, 2016 Clarify SupportMany organizations who utilize Amdocs Clarify or Dovetail CRM also employ field based specialists to support everyone and everything from end customers, smaller satellite offices, clinics, retail store fronts, to various campuses or colleges associated with a larger, central university perhaps. They could be IT technicians, seasonal staff, lab support, just about any type of field deployed employee.When the deployment of field personnel reaches a point of needing to be managed on a sizeable scale, technology typically comes into play. There are more than a few providers offering this type of technology, but is the use of these specialty offerings simultaneously creating a rash of ROI killing effort on the backend? Is it tied directly into the CRM where you’re already managing cases and tracking work and workflow? If not, is this causing disparate cross-functional reporting and/or increasing reporting…

The Wave of Consistent Technology Development

the wave pf technology development
June 20, 2016 Did You Catch the Wave?Do you even remember it?  Six years ago,  Google gave WAVE a proper goodbye. I never did ride the Google Wave; I think I tried it once, but it held no appeal. I could see that in order for it to truly work and work well, practically everyone had to use it, and often. This type of participation early on is impossible today. Not everyone is an early adopter and, apparently not even being a Google product could save the Wave.Technology TodayTechnology, on the back-end, becomes complicated by the hour, by the minute.  And this is all in an effort to present to you and I - the users of technology - an opportunity to actually use it with ease. The more intuitive and easy it is to use, the more complicated the technology, typically.And while I love technology and…

Testing the Waters: Understanding the Customer

undertsanding the customer
June 10, 2016 What We Do and Understanding the CustomerTesting the waters, as a marketer, can be tenuous. Depending on marketing campaigns, we run the risk of boring our intended audience or annoying them. Over the years, I have come to understand that each effort can be a good effort, as it may reach just the person it was intended to reach. But, there is also the risk of over-saturation. The most important thing, for me, as a marketer and as someone who truly believes in our product and cares about our company, is to know the customer.Knowing the Customer - YOUR CustomerIt isn't enough to know who the customer is - their name, rank, and serial number. It isn't enough to know what they do. It isn't nearly enough to know what our competitors do when it comes to their own marketing…