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David Greyson
July 5, 2016

Clarify Support

Many organizations who utilize Amdocs Clarify or Dovetail CRM also employ field based specialists to support everyone and everything from end customers, smaller satellite offices, clinics, retail store fronts, to various campuses or colleges associated with a larger, central university perhaps. They could be IT technicians, seasonal staff, lab support, just about any type of field deployed employee.

When the deployment of field personnel reaches a point of needing to be managed on a sizeable scale, technology typically comes into play. There are more than a few providers offering this type of technology, but is the use of these specialty offerings simultaneously creating a rash of ROI killing effort on the backend? Is it tied directly into the CRM where you’re already managing cases and tracking work and workflow? If not, is this causing disparate cross-functional reporting and/or increasing reporting

Rayanne Thorn
June 10, 2016

What We Do and Understanding the Customer

Testing the waters, as a marketer, can be tenuous. Depending on marketing campaigns, we run the risk of boring our intended audience or annoying them. Over the years, I have come to understand that each effort can be a good effort, as it may reach just the person it was intended to reach. But, there is also the risk of over-saturation. The most important thing, for me, as a marketer and as someone who truly believes in our product and cares about our company, is to know the customer.

Knowing the Customer – YOUR Customer

It isn’t enough to know who the customer is – their name, rank, and serial number. It isn’t enough to know what they do. It isn’t nearly enough to know what our competitors do when it comes to their own marketing

Stephen Lynn
September 11, 2015

Customer Service in Your Selection of Software Vendors

I was reading Naomi Bloom’s blog post, “In Enterprise Software and Luxury Accommodations, Details Matter and No Disappointment Accepted” and it got me thinking.  While Naomi is referencing HR software, her points apply to all Enterprise Software and she makes a really good comparison, yet I will add another element, Customer Service. Things will happen, whether at the luxury accommodations or with your Enterprise Software. The key question becomes what does the establishment/vendor do when there is a problem? That will probably be what you remember more than the actual problem.

Addressing Enterprise Software

It is inevitable that there will be problems during implementation. Any software vendor who tells you they never have problems is lying to you. Expectation differences, communication gaps, the customer environment is slightly

Sam Tyson
January 10, 2011

In addition to the recent update to the Dovetail Software website, a new version of Dovetail Self Service was also put into place. The new site has a lot of new features, and was developed internally by the team of Kevin Miller, Josh Arnold, and Joey Vano, which was led by Gary Sherman.

The best feature of Self Service is still the ability to search the Dovetail Software Knowledge Base. Customers have access to this through Self Service for their own cases, and can also search all of the Solutions in the Knowledge Base as well.

One of the best new additions to Dovetail Self Service is the ability for customers to view their products, where they can download the latest version, explore each product’s documentation,

Kevin Miller
April 13, 2009


When new cases come in we have many ways of having our support team notified so we can provide speedy assistance to our customers.


We get an email Twitter sends us direct messages Our campfire (chat) gets notified


Recently we needed a better way to notify on-call support agents of new cases. Our existing notification mechanisms work great during office hours but at night a spam email getting past my filters better not wake me up at 2am just because it might be a new support case. We needed something better. The simplest thing we could think of was to have our CRM make a phone call.


Phone calls are cross platform. No special smart phone client application beats a phone call. Better yet spammers don’t place calls  at 2am pitching “Enlargement”. At night

Kevin Miller
February 20, 2009

People love search. I love search. I have to admit though that I am guilty of not using my own tools to the best of their ability. Dovetail Seeker is a search product we created to find important knowledge stuck in your Clarify/Dovetail CRM. At Dovetail we use our own software to support our customers and Seeker is always indispensible, when working new cases, effectively mining our solutions and previous cases for knowledge.


That said, I am stuck in my old ways. I’ve been supporting our product line since before we had an effective search tool and whenever I get a support question I am quick to rack my brain and not our knowledge base.


To combat this affliction I created this motivational poster in effort to remind me to hit the search button before I think too hard.


Kevin Miller
June 13, 2008

Dovetail Seeker is our new search offering for Dovetail CRM. One of the primary design goals from a developer’s point of view is to make it easy to integrate with Seeker. I know I am biased, but think we did pretty well. In this post I’ll I share my experience integrating Seeker with our public web site exposing search access to Dovetail’s Knowledge Base.


Why Is This A Good Idea?

For a long time we’ve exposed to customers the ability to browse our knowledge base. Here it is:

Dovetail's Browe KB Page

This is a pretty good solution for Dovetail administrators looking for common solutions to issues that may pop-up. A better solution would be to let users search the knowledge base for the exact issue they are running into and see what pops

Gary Sherman
June 9, 2008

One of the more interesting ideas I’ve seen kicking around the blogosphere is support by group chat.

We use Campfire here at Dovetail as a group chat application, and we love it. It allows all of us to share information, even when we may be in different cities, and working different schedules. The chat history is saved, so its easy to catch up on past conversations. Campfire also allows us to easily upload and share files and screen shots. Overall, its been a great addition to our team’s communication.


(On a related note – we’ve shown examples in the past about sending Rulemanager notifications to Campfire here and here.)

I like the idea of

Gary Sherman
April 18, 2008

Over on IT toolbox, a recent post was inquiring about people’s experience of dealing with Dovetail. One of our customers responded:

we were a customer of theirs for about 2 years (purchased Super Email Clerk)…we moved on to a different package at the end of those two years, so we did not need them. I did Clarify work from version 5 through version 12 (from 1997 – 2004) on various projects, so my Clarify experience is pretty decent.

Everything I have heard about FC/Dovetail has been solid. Their people know Clarify, the data model, the architecture as good if not better than some of the folks at Clarify/Amdocs. The founders were clarify employees at one point. I think it also speaks a lot that they are small, dependent on this software, and through it all, they are still

Kevin Miller
April 15, 2008

Twhirl screenshot of a case notification and acceptance.I have been doing some work using Twitter as a notification mechanism for case events taking place in Dovetail CRM. I also wanted to expose an API of sorts driven by Twitter direct messages which would allow support agents to work on cases via Twitter. I created a twitter account for Dovetail and went crazy. To the right is a screen shot of my favorite twitter client showing me being notified of a case created by a customer and accepting it via Twitter.

This goal of this post is a brain dump what I have learned so far on my journey into Twitterland.

Twitter? – what is this Twitter you speak

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