Dovetail Self Service

In addition to the recent update to the Dovetail Software website, a new version of Dovetail Self Service was also put into place. The new site has a lot of new features, and was developed internally by the team of Kevin Miller, Josh Arnold, and Joey Vano, which was led by Gary Sherman.

The best feature of Self Service is still the ability to search the Dovetail Software Knowledge Base. Customers have access to this through Self Service for their own cases, and can also search all of the Solutions in the Knowledge Base as well.

One of the best new additions to Dovetail Self Service is the ability for customers to view their products, where they can download the latest version, explore each product’s documentation, and see support and license information.

Dovetail Self Service users can also create new support cases with an intuitive new form. This is a key step in the support process, and allows the Dovetail Support team the best line of communication for support issues.

Self Service users can now change their own passwords and update their contact information. If a user forgets their password, there is an easy automated process in place to reset their password.

Thanks to the development team for getting Dovetail Self Service updated. It will be better for our customers, and better for the Dovetail Support Team.