Customer Service and Enterprise Software

Customer Service in Your Selection of Software Vendors

I was reading Naomi Bloom’s blog post, “In Enterprise Software and Luxury Accommodations, Details Matter and No Disappointment Accepted” and it got me thinking.  While Naomi is referencing HR software, her points apply to all Enterprise Software and she makes a really good comparison, yet I will add another element, Customer Service. Things will happen, whether at the luxury accommodations or with your Enterprise Software. The key question becomes what does the establishment/vendor do when there is a problem? That will probably be what you remember more than the actual problem.

Addressing Enterprise Software

It is inevitable that there will be problems during implementation. Any software vendor who tells you they never have problems is lying to you. Expectation differences, communication gaps, the customer environment is slightly (or vastly) different than the vendor was told/expected – they happen. The best vendors are set up to best handle these situations. They empower their people with the tools and flexibility to address situations when they arise. And, they don’t spend their time going back to contracts or emails to try to prove to the customer they are right. They just deal with it.

Something to Remember

So, the next time you are looking to book that luxury accommodation, or more importantly, getting ready to select your software vendor, don’t forget to check out how they handle problems that arise. You can do that as part of your reference check or just ask the vendor to talk about how they handle these situations and have them cite some examples.


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