What’s New in Dovetail Agent 7

This week we released Dovetail Agent version 7. Here’s a quick rundown of the major changes.


Part Requests

Logistics customers will be happy to know that we’ve brought Part Request functionality into our latest Dovetail Agent platform. This includes:

  • Create and Edit Part Request Headers and Part Request Details
  • Part Request Workflow operations: Accept,Assign,Dispatch,Forward,Reject,Yank,Close,Reopen
  • Part Request Actions: Create New Part Request, Replicate Part Request
  • Part Requests are available in My Work, Queries, Recent Items, and Search

Part Request Header

Dovetail Agent 7

Part Request Detail



Batch Actions – Change Status and Log Notes

Change Status and Log Note are now available as batch actions, making it easy to log a note or change the status of many cases or subcases at one time.




Range select

On the query results grid (such as My Work), users can shift-click to select all checkboxes in-between the first one clicked and the second one that is shift-clicked.

This makes it easy to select a set of items in order to perform batch actions on them.


Additional niceties

  • My Work – automatically remember the last selected tab
  • Notes are no longer required when closing a case or subcase
  • The contact page now has a Create Case Actions menu option, making it easy to create a case for this contact:



Easily turn off unused items

Workflow Items (case, subcase, solution, part request) can be easily disabled with the FeatureEnabled configuration settings.

For example, with everything enabled:


and with just cases and subcases enabled (solutions and part requests are disabled, thus hidden from view):



And this is accomplished with just a simple configuration change – no code changes are necessary.



Obviously, the major feature here is Part Requests – but we’ve also added enhancements that will benefit those that use cases, subcases, and solutions as well.

As someone who uses this application every day in production use, I’m thrilled with the state of the app – and it keeps getting better!

For a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes, refer to the What’s New section in the Agent 7 documentation.