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What’s New in Dovetail Agent 7

August 19, 2015 This week we released Dovetail Agent version 7. Here’s a quick rundown of the major changes.   Part Requests Logistics customers will be happy to know that we’ve brought Part Request functionality into our latest Dovetail Agent platform. This includes: Create and Edit Part Request Headers and Part Request Details Part Request Workflow operations: Accept,Assign,Dispatch,Forward,Reject,Yank,Close,Reopen Part Request Actions: Create New Part Request, Replicate Part Request Part Requests are available in My Work, Queries, Recent Items, and Search Part Request Header Part Request Detail   Batch Actions – Change Status and Log Notes Change Status and Log Note are now available as batch actions, making it easy to log a note or change the status of many cases or subcases at one time.     Range select On the query results grid (such as My Work), users can shift-click to select…