I don’t do too much Instant Messaging (IM) lately. Twitter and Campfire have replaced a lot of what I used to use IM for. That said IM is not dead.


I still need to have private conversations with people that are not into Twitter or hanging out around my team’s campfire. I have contacts across many different IM formats. I have been using Trillian for years and found that while it works the UI is clunky and their new version Astra is taking forever to get out the door. Along comes Digsby and I am in love.





Digsby is intuitive to configure and supports a plethora of Instant Message formats, Email protocols, and Social Networks.



image image image


Only thing I see missing is IRC and Campfire support.


What I really like about Digsby is their customer aware web site. The download and install experience flows well. The Digsby client updates itself quickly and non-intrusively. Their blog elicits feedback for what they should do next. This is how a company that wants to bring users into the fold should behave.


  • Make it easy.
  • Have a great product.
  • Keep improving it through user feedback.