Case Study: Pulte Group talks about their use of Dovetail Mobile and Dovetail Seeker

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Eddie Surabian, Manager of Information Services of Pulte Group, talks about their use of the Dovetail Suite for Clarify, specifically Dovetail Mobile and Dovetail Seeker.


What does your company do?

Pulte Group is one of the largest homebuilders in the United States.

Which Dovetail applications does Pulte use?

We have implemented Dovetail Agent, Dovetail Admin, Dovetail Mobile, Dovetail Seeker, Dovetail Rulemanager, and Dovetail  SchemaEditor, and are now in the process of implementing Dovetail Carrier for processing emails.

Tell us about your use of Dovetail Mobile and how it’s working.

We have a large number of field support engineers and having the ability to manage support casework on blackberries and smartphones has greatly improved our response times to our business customers .

What did you use before Dovetail Mobile and why did you switch?

Before the mobile agent we used paging to notify remote staff, but they were dependant on a thick client to manage cases. Our field team supports a large geographic area and at times there is limited network connectivity, so the thick client was cumbersome and required them to always have their laptops.

How has Dovetail Mobile improved some of your key performance indicators?

The response SLA improved 15% and the close SLA 10%. We’ve also improved our customer satisfaction scores.

Tell us about your use of Dovetail Seeker.

We have experienced an extended downturn in home sales, which has led to IT staff reductions, with definite implications to our support teams. We have always had a good solutions database with several thousand specific answers to many “how –to” cases. Unfortunately we had an antiquated search engine what was not very user friendly. We implemented Seeker in the 4th quarter and rolled out a program to migrate our business customers to use Seeker to try and find their own answers before contacting our technical support center.


We have been able to reduce how-to types of calls by 14% in Q1, which has allowed our reduced staff to be able to focus on more business critical activities and efficiencies like more proactive management of virus software compliance and threat reduction, centralized management of hardware assets as well as become more engaged in managing the information we can publish to our customers to further reduce support call volume.


Our self help web site usage has grown by over 50% since 2010.


Thanks for sharing this information Eddie – great stuff!


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