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Case Study: Pulte Group talks about their use of Dovetail Mobile and Dovetail Seeker

Static image April 3, 2011   Eddie Surabian, Manager of Information Services of Pulte Group, talks about their use of the Dovetail Suite for Clarify, specifically Dovetail Mobile and Dovetail Seeker.   [hr] What does your company do? Pulte Group is one of the largest homebuilders in the United States. Which Dovetail applications does Pulte use? We have implemented Dovetail Agent, Dovetail Admin, Dovetail Mobile, Dovetail Seeker, Dovetail Rulemanager, and Dovetail  SchemaEditor, and are now in the process of implementing Dovetail Carrier for processing emails. Tell us about your use of Dovetail Mobile and how it's working. We have a large number of field support engineers and having the ability to manage support casework on blackberries and smartphones has greatly improved our response times to our business customers . What did you use before Dovetail Mobile and why did you switch? Before the mobile agent we used paging to notify…