Free Product Spotlight: Employee Manager Utility

Back before we were Dovetail Software (we used to be First Choice Software), back before web applications were standard, back when Clarify was still its own company – many of our products were add-ons or enhancements to the Clarify Classic Client. And we had a boatload of them. But as mush as usage of the Clarify Client has declined over the years, there are still many organizations still using it. So we came up with the bright idea to open up some of these add-ons applications, and offer ‘em up for free.

We’ve already released a bunch of them for free (and we’ll be offering up more soon). So I’m starting up a little blog series (can I call it a series when this is the first?) where I’ll cover a brief overview of some of these products. And of course, tell you how you can get it.

Employee Manager Utility

The Employee Manager Utility (affectionally called EMU) is a Clarify Classic Client add-on that allows an administrator to associate employee properties (such as queues, office location, supervisor, and resource configuration) to a workgroup.  New employees that are assigned to that workgroup can automatically inherit all of the proper attributes. This will speed up and simplify the process of adding new employees to the Clarify database, since most of the attributes for an employee will be defined by the type of job they are destined to be performing. When an employee changes work assignments, the attributes of the new workgroup can override the current settings for the employee automatically just by changing the workgroup.  

Employee Manager Setup

EMU provides an Employee Manager form, which allows all of the settings for a workgroup to be configured.

employee manager form

What can you configure as part of a workgroup?

  • Supervisor, Resource Config, Labor Rate, Start Date, Are they a Field Engineer? Allow Proxy?
  • Site, Fax Number, Mail Stop
  • Privilege Class
  • Notification Methods
  • Business Calendar
  • Queue Membership

Employee Workgroup

So now, when we create a new employee, we simply set their workgroup, and they will automatically get all of the configured workgroup settings applied. Easy breezy!

employee form

What about if a user changes workgroups?

The Reset Attributes checkbox is used to indicate whether the workgroup’s attributes should be used to update the corresponding employee attributes. If the box is checked when the workgroup assignment is updated, the employee attributes will be modified as necessary.

Get it!

The Employee Manager Utility is a free product. You can get the documentation and download the product from the Dovetail Support Center.

Obligatory Picture

C’mon – you didn’t really think I would blog about a product called EMU without including a picture of an actual emu, now did’ya?


Rock on.