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Contemporary Search for Clarify / Dovetail Systems

Static image February 2, 2011 This webinar covers traditional search tools (as well as their associated challenges), contemporary approaches to search, and non-traditional search approaches.   In this session, the following items were covered:        Search usage    Search technologies – traditional and contemporary    Use of search in different applications    Search as part of workflow    Architecture    Extensibility    Demonstrations   Presenter: Gary Sherman, CTO and VP of Products Related Links: Dovetail Seeker Product Information Dovetail Seeker Support Page Try it out Date & Time: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Central Time)  

Advanced Business Rules (Part 2)

Static image July 29, 2010 This webinar covers:     User-defined Business Rule Events     Business rules based on custom object types     New Event Creation Times and Calendars     Custom Notification Methods     Time Bombs     Tips & Tricks     Troubleshooting Tips     And more Presenter: Gary Sherman: VP of Products Date & Time: Thursday, July 29, 2010, 11:00 AM CDT Registration: This webinar has ended.

Advanced Business Rules (Part 1)

Static image July 22, 2010 This webinar is about Advanced Usage and Customization of Business Rules.   Understanding Rule Properties Understanding recipient aliases Creating your own rule properties Better ways to search/view business rules Tips & Tricks     Presenter: Gary Sherman: VP of Products Date & Time: Thursday, July 22, 2010, 11:00 AM CDT Registration: This webinar has ended.

Rulemanager and Business Rules

Static image July 8, 2010 Dovetail will be hosting a webinar that will be an introduction and overview of Rulemanager and Business Rules. What is Rulemanager? What is a Business Rule? What can business rules do (and not do)? Examples Extensibility Clarify Rulemanager vs. Dovetail Rulemanager Presenter: Gary Sherman: VP of Products Date & Time: Thursday, July 8, 2010, 11:00 AM CDT Registration: This webinar has ended.

Simplified Infrastructure Upgrades for Clarify

Static image March 6, 2010 Dovetail will be hosting a webinar that will highlight an alternative approach for completing Clarify infrastructure upgrades. This topic should be of interest to any organization running an older version of Clarify that needs to upgrade their CRM infrastructure. This method allows you to:   Avoid upgrading Clarify (the application itself) while upgrading the database and server OS/hardware Avoid Amdocs maintenance back payments Reduce upgrade complexity and cost Improve performance and supportability system wide   Common amongst organizations that have implemented Clarify over the last 20 years is the tendency to lag behind on the Clarify version they are running. Companies have little incentive to undertake the often forebodingly complex process of a Clarify upgrade because most versions of the application are very stable and the features offered in new versions often don't fit their business.This creates a problem after…

Delivering Cost Effective Clarify Access Beyond the Support Center

Static image January 12, 2010 Putting Clarify CRM in the hands of employees outside of the support center in a cost effective way has traditionally had its challenges: high software license costs, solution and architecture complexity, and difficulty in keeping pace with new technologies to name a few. Most companies have chosen to avoid the matter all together.   Over the past 14 years, more than 100 Clarify customers have come to Dovetail for help in leveraging their Clarify systems in new ways and segments of their businesses. This upcoming webinar details a few ways Dovetail has been helping our customers put valuable customer support information in the hands of anyone, anywhere, and anytime.   Specific topics to be covered are: UI Considerations for various user profiles such as field service agents, managers, users with limited training, and other occasional users. Traditional delivery methods and…

Clarify Data Management & Optimization

Static image September 1, 2009 Dovetail will be hosting a webinar that will present how to develop a Clarify data management strategy that incorporate archival software to provide a more efficient way to     Manage database growth Ensure data integrity Maintain system performance     Presenters: Rusty Coleman: VP of Sales and MarketingGary Sherman: VP of Products   Date & Time: Tuesday, September 1, 2009, 11:30 AM EST   Registration: This webinar has ended.   Slides from this webinar:

Create a view with a calculated column to be used in Clarify CRM and Dovetail Agent.

Static image December 20, 2007 Our customer would like to query all the cases including a column with a calculated number of "open" subcases related to each case record.  They want to query for all of the cases that have any open subcases. A normal view would not work because it cannot calculate the count of related object with specified condition.   Steps taken. 1. We showed it could be done in SQL (See SQL below).  Note the nested SQL statement to calculate the number of open subcases. select c.objid, c.id_number, cond.title, cond.title, (SELECT count(*) FROM table_subcase sc INNER JOIN table_condition sc_cond ON sc_cond.objid = sc.subc_state2condition WHERE sc.subcase2case = c.objid AND sc_cond.title LIKE 'OPEN%') as open_subcase_count FROM table_case c INNER JOIN table_condition cond ON cond.objid = c.case_state2condition 2. Created the following SchemaEditor SchemaScript. Case identifiers and condition and the count open subcases for the case…

Can I created a view that includes a calculated view column to be used in Dovetail Agent (Amdocs/Clarify CRM)?

Static image November 28, 2007 Summary: This question was asked by one of our Dovetail customers.  In this post I will explain the steps that we used to understand and implement a solution to satisfy the customers requirements. Question: Can I created a view that includes a calculated column? If so, can I query all the cases with the calculated number of open subcases related to each case, in one view? Requirement: Our customer needed a view to query for  1) all of the open cases and 2) all of the closed cases that have any open subcases – to be displayed in the same view. Solution:  See steps taken below.   Steps taken to get to our Solution. 1. Read and discussed the customers requirements. 2. Tested our understanding of the requirements and the existing views using SQL against the following databases: MSSQL and…

APIs for Clarify

Static image October 23, 2007 When does it make sense to write a routine from scratch, versus using a proven API that has all the testing done? The answer comes down to time and cost of course, a different equation in each case.   A recent dialog in the ITtoolbox Clarify forum illustrates the dimension of the issue. A user asked for advice on Clarify’s Assign Case functionality, and he was hoping to find some reusable code already existing.   “The objective is: When a case is getting created with a specific information (Keyword) in a user defined field (in one of the tabs), the case needs to be automatically assigned to a specific user.” – Clarify Assign Case functionality   The auto destination rules in Clarify will make this assignment, but it requires studying the documentation – a non-trivial task in itself – to finesse the methodology.…