Simplified Infrastructure Upgrades for Clarify

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Dovetail will be hosting a webinar that will highlight an alternative approach for completing Clarify infrastructure upgrades. This topic should be of interest to any organization running an older version of Clarify that needs to upgrade their CRM infrastructure. This method allows you to:


  • Avoid upgrading Clarify (the application itself) while upgrading the database and server OS/hardware
  • Avoid Amdocs maintenance back payments
  • Reduce upgrade complexity and cost
  • Improve performance and supportability system wide


Common amongst organizations that have implemented Clarify over the last 20 years is the tendency to lag behind on the Clarify version they are running. Companies have little incentive to undertake the often forebodingly complex process of a Clarify upgrade because most versions of the application are very stable and the features offered in new versions often don’t fit their business.

This creates a problem after a time, of course, when the underlying infrastructure needs to be updated to improve supportability and performance. Since older versions of Clarify are not supported on the newer database versions, organizations are often forced into completing costly upgrades of Clarify just so they can upgrade the underlying infrastructure.

Dovetail believes there is a better way.

Join us to learn more about how your organization can achieve better performance and supportability of your Clarify system with far less effort and cost than the standard approach.


Kent Valentine: Director of Sales

Gary Sherman: VP of Products

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This webinar has ended.