Spring Alt.Net Pledge Drive

I just wanted to take a moment out of our regular blog-cast to tell you that Alt.Net is supported by listeners readers like you. Smart people work really hard volunteering all their free time and energy to put out great open source software for our community. We need to keep these people coding not wasting their time drumming up consulting gigs or looking for jobs.

Just wanted to read off a couple names of people that just contributed. Thank you Ray Houston for donating. You must have deep pockets with that sir name. Oh, and I see Chad Myers donated he is always a regular contributor. I see that Anders donated. Thanks Anders for your donation and for C# we all love it.

You TOO can make a difference and if you act right now we have a matching pledge from Bill Gates of 1 Million dollars*. Microsoft is putting their money where their USB port is and making a bet on the open source .Net community.

I myself called the pledge lines over at PayPal and donated to the two .Net open source contributors I use the most.

  • Castle Project – foundation for many of the tools I use including: the Windsor IoC Container, and MonoRail a MVC web application framework  – Donate
  • Oren Eini a.k.a Ayende is a one man powerhouse contributing to many excellent open source projects. – Donate

If you are a fan of these two open source contributors please pledge now. Or if you have a favorite project or leader you think I missed. Please comment below.

Thank you for your contribution. We now we return you to a re-run of Kevin’s 24 hours of Twitter posts.

*If only this paragraph were only true. Think if they held a Microsoft Summer of Code.