Clarify 6 – still running after all these years

I’m currently working with a customer who is running Clarify version 6. Not Amdocs CRM6, but Clarify version 6, or as the marketing brainiacs tagged it – CFO98 (Clarify Front Office 98).

I’m amazed that they’re still running a 10 year old enterprise application, and haven’t upgraded at all in 10 years.

On the other hand, it speaks to the power of the system that it continues to work and provide value, despite its age.

They’re now working with us, so that they can upgrade their database to something more current (Oracle 10g), and they’re looking into using out toolset (SchemaEditor, ArchiveManager, fcSDK, BOLT, etc.) so that they can continue to reap value out of their system.

Pretty cool.