Pairing Your Twitter Account With a Jabber Client

Twitter will send direct messages and updates for friends you follow who have notifications turned on to a device. Cool. Better yet a device can be a mobile phone (SMS) or an Instant Messaging account. The goal of this post is to show how to sending and receive messages to Twitter using a Jabber device. To do this we will be using the excellent IM client Digsby which it turns out has excellent Jabber support.

Here is what we will be doing.

  • Creating a Jabber ID in Digsby.
  • Adding the Twitter Jabber ID as a contact for your new Jabber ID.
  • Pair your new Jabber ID with your Twitter account.
  • Testing it out.

Creating a Jabber ID

To create a Jabber ID using Digsby click on Add IM Account in your preferences. Fill in the Jabber Account form and one will be created for you. I had connection issues sitting behind our firewall so I used jabber80 Jabber server. There many more open Jabber servers available.

Sign up for a Jabber account

Adding Twitter as a Jabber Contact

Click on the IM Account’s checkbox to login.

Add as a contact of your newly created Jabber ID. 

Add Twitter as a contact.

You sure? 

Pairing Your Jabber ID with your Twitter Account

Visit your twitter account’s devices page and add a Jabber Instant Messaging device. You will be presented with bit of text to send Twitter using your Jabber account. You have to prove you are you somehow.

The result of pairing your account with Twitter.

Does It Work?

Ok let’s talk to my Twitter Integration using direct messages from Jabber.

A jabber client talking to the Dovetail/Twitter integration.