Monorail Introduced

The deed is done. My Code Camp talk is over. It was a great experience working on my public speaking and polishing my understanding of Monorail. My talk had 2 parts. An introduction, that needs a lot of polish, and a coding exercise where I go from an empty project to a working example complete with activerecord data model. A lot of great questions were asked. All in all it really jazzed me to have the opportunity to get the word out about the great work being done on this project and to see so many people get excited about possibilities that Monorail brings to web applications development on the .Net platform.

Getting comfortable with Monorail

As I promised during my talk here is a yummy collection of links to get you going. First off some introductory material to get you excited about Monorail:

Now that you are excited. Go start exploring with the code.

Online Resources

One of the great things about Castle Project is the wealth of online collaboration vectors they have to help beginner and advanced Monorail users. One of the annoying things is the number of different places you have to look to find what you need. Here is a list of the MANY great places to get details Castle Project Information.

Thanks to everyone that came. It was a blast.