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Asp.Net Controls vs. View Components

May 8, 2007 During my Monorail talk a lot of people were asking about whether or not you could use Asp.Net controls with Monorail. I think the question translates to I love my 3rd party web controls yet I hate ASP.Net enough to look into alternatives. I think we need a clean break here. Can you do it?  The answer is... sort of. First, you need to be using the Asp WebForms view engine. After reading the documentation and seeing comments like: With WebForms you can use all your existing skills to develop MonoRail applications, however its integration with MonoRail can be quite tricky ... Let's take a look at an example of perfectly decent controller code and explain when it does not integrate with WebForms. ... So, many simple scenarios can get really hard with WebForms. You will likely back away slowly and start…

Monorail Introduced

May 7, 2007 The deed is done. My Code Camp talk is over. It was a great experience working on my public speaking and polishing my understanding of Monorail. My talk had 2 parts. An introduction, that needs a lot of polish, and a coding exercise where I go from an empty project to a working example complete with activerecord data model. A lot of great questions were asked. All in all it really jazzed me to have the opportunity to get the word out about the great work being done on this project and to see so many people get excited about possibilities that Monorail brings to web applications development on the .Net platform. Getting comfortable with Monorail As I promised during my talk here is a yummy collection of links to get you going. First off some introductory material to get you excited about Monorail: Colin Ramsay's has a…

Monorail Screencasts

April 20, 2007 Colin Ramsay just posted an excellent series of screencasts on Monorail  to the Castle Project Users google group. He basically prepared the content of my talk at Austin CodeCamp for me so thank you Colin I owe you big! Keep the great screencasts coming. Colin's Screencasts Getting Started With Monorail - screencast   Using Monorail  - screencast   Databinding and ActiveRecord - screencast   Validation and Much more - screencast   CodeGenerator and ActiveWriter - screencast  Updated: added screencast #5 Photo by alandot