Finding a Business Rule based on its message

If you receive a business rule notification message, but you’re unsure as to exactly which business rule it came from, there’s a few ways to find the originating rule.

Notification Message

For example, lets say that you received the following notification:

Email Notification

How do I find which business rule caused this notification to be sent?

There’s actually a few options here.

1. Dovetail Agent – Query Business Rule Actions

Using Dovetail Agent, create a query for Business Rule Actions

Dovetail Agent – Query Business Rule Actions

And filter for Message Contains something happened

This will show you a list of rules that contain that string in the message.

Dovetail Agent – Query Results

Clicking one of the results will take you to the Business Rule itself.

Dovetail Agent – View Business Rule

2. Dovetail Agent – from the History

If you know the work item (Case, Subcase, etc.) that the notification pertains to, then you can also check the History for that item.

Make sure the History is set to Show Details. You can then see the Rules that fired.

Dovetail Agent – Case History

Clicking on the rule will take you to the Business Rule page for that rule.

Then you can see the details of that rule, including the message.

Dovetail Agent – View Business Rule

You may have to view a few of the rules on that case before you find the right one, but at least your surface area for rules to check have been reduced greatly.


Using the Business Rule page in BOLT, filter for Message contains something happened.

BOLT – Search Business Rules

This will show you a list of rules that contain that string in the message.

BOLT – Business Rule Search Results

And from there, you  can click on the rule name to see details of the rule.

BOLT – View Business Rule

BOLT is freely available at

4. SQL

You can also use direct SQL to query for the data.

The following query will give you the names of the business rules based on a notification message.

select * from table_com_tmplte where objid in 
  select escal_act2com_tmplte 
  from table_com_tmplte  
  where action like '%something happened%'
  and type = 2

From there, you can view the business rule itself in whatever app you use for managing business rules (Dovetail Agent, Dovetail Admin, Clarify Client, etc.)

Using SQL is my least favorite way of accomplishing this task, but it is an option.


Locating a business rule based on its message is one of those sys admin tasks that pops up on occasion – and with just the Clarify Client, it was a challenge.

Now, with some smarter tools, and a bit of know-how, this becomes an easy task.

Rock on.

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