Using Broadcasts to Share App Tips


One of the features in Dovetail Agent is Broadcasts. I described them in a previous post.

A broadcast is used to communicate a message to all users.

Broadcasts appear in the user’s notification drawer – along with Notifier messages (such as from business rules).


Notice the megaphone icon which helps identify it as a broadcast.

Tip of the week

One of the ways I’ve been using broadcasts here at Dovetail is to share application tips.

I do it once a week, on Mondays, so my users get a Tip of the Week.


Collection of Tips

Notice the broadcast also includes a link to View Past Tips. This is a link to a solution within Agent that contains the collection of tips.


So when I add a new tip, I create it as a broadcast, and update the solution with the new tip.


There you go – a tip about using broadcasts to broadcast tips.

Rock on.