Broadcasts in Dovetail Agent

One of the newer features in Dovetail Agent is broadcasts. A broadcast is used to communicate a message to all users.

Broadcasts appear in the user’s notification drawer – along with Notifier messages (such as from business rules).


Notice the megaphone icon which helps identify it as a broadcast.


What are a few examples of where you might use broadcasts?

  • The system will be going down tonight at 5:00 PM for maintenance.
  • If a customer calls about the special holiday promotion, here’s what you need to know.
  • This app has been updated to a new version.
  • Outgoing shipments will be delayed because of the snow storm.
  • Or whatever other message you want to send to your users.


Broadcast messages are made up of:

  • Title – a brief summary of the message, similar to an email subject
  • Message body – the details of the message, similar to an email body
  • Start and End date/time – allows broadcasts to be scheduled for the future, and to go away at a certain point
  • Urgent flag

Urgent Flag

If a broadcast is marked as urgent, the user’s notification indicator will show in red, as will the broadcast itself.



Broadcasts can also contain hyperlinks, so you can include a link to more information.

Notice in the image above that there are links to What’s New and to IT Support.

Managing Broadcasts

If a user has the Admin privilege, they can create/edit/delete broadcasts from the Admin page.




As we continue to evolve Dovetail Agent, we’re always trying to balance bringing forward existing Clarify functionality, while also introducing new features. Broadcasts are one of those new features that we’re excited about.

Hope you dig it.