File uploads in Dovetail Agent

Adding files to an item in Dovetail Agent is a pretty common activity.

File attachments are supported on the following items:

  • cases
  • subcases
  • solutions
  • contracts
  • site parts
  • accounts

We’ve made it super easy to add a file, which uploads it to the server and “attaches” it to the item. File attachments are stored in a common location on the server.

Gone are the days of file attachments in the Clarify Classic Client where a file attachment resided on someone’s C drive, and couldn’t be accessed by anyone except the user who added the file attachment.


On each item, there’s a Files tab. Click on the tab, then click the + on the tab header. (From a development standpoint, we commonly refer to this as our plus-one pattern, where you click the plus sign to add one more related item)

This will open a file picker, allowing you to pick the file to be uploaded.


Keyboard Shortcut

The “u” keyboard shortcut will also open a file picker – without having to click the Files tab first.


Drag and Drop

Users can also simply drag and drop files onto the Files tab. Multiple concurrent file uploads are also supported.

This video shows this in action:


I especially love this drag and drop feature. I find it quick and easy to use.


Once files are uploaded, they are listed on the Files tab. The file name is listed, along with who uploaded it and when.

For images, we also show a thumbnail of the image. Clicking that thumbnail opens the image in a lightbox in a larger size.

For non-images, we show an icon indicating the file type.


For files that are attached to a workflow item (such as case, subcase, and solution), the files are also shown in the History, and images are rendered inline.

I previously blogged about this – including a video showing files and images in the history.


Log files, screenshots, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets – all are common files attached to items within a CRM system.

We’ve tried to make it super easy to upload files into the system, as well as view and download them.

Hope you dig it.