More Case History enhancements in Dovetail Agent

Last spring I posted about some of the enhancements we’ve made to the case history in Dovetail Agent.

Over the last few releases, we’ve also made more improvements that we think make it even better. 


File attachments that are images are now shown inline. They’re constrained to a maximum size, to maintain readability. Clicking on an image opens it in a lightbox, and in a larger format when necessary.




In my previous post, I mentioned that we displayed the case history in reverse chronological order – with the newest entries at the top, similar to many current social apps (facebook, twitter, etc.).

Based on customer feedback, we added an additional option here. Users can now choose the order – either chronological or reverse chronological. And the user’s preference is automatically remembered.

This gives each user more control over how they want the app to work best for them.


Details – Activity Log

In the Clarify Classic Client (and even in Dovetail Agent 4), we had a case history and an activity log. Some stuff would show in the case history, and other information would be in the activity log.

We’ve simplified this, removing the Case Activity Log view. The Case History is actually dynamically built from the activity log.

By default, we only show “important” activities – created, notes, closed, logs, etc. We hide less important activities – such as business rule actions, case modify, etc.

But there are times you want access to that information.

Rather than having a separate Activity Log, we have an option on the case history that adds in all of those other activities – so you get everything. This is the Show/Hide Details option in the case menu.

Again, this is a user preference that is automatically remembered.

In action

Here’s a quick video showing all of these enhancements in action:



We’ve been using these features internally for quite a while now, and they make the app much nicer to use. Hopefully you dig them as well.

Have some other ideas of how we could improve? Leave a comment below or drop me an email.