Custom Events in Clarify/Dovetail: Change Priority

I’ve talked in the past about how to create custom events in Clarify/Dovetail, and how to fire business rules based on these events.


In short, code needs to be written that creates a custom activity log and time bomb.


A recent webinar covered details on how to do this: (starting on slide #18)


For additional info, take a look at the “User-defined Business Rule Events.doc” available on the Rulemanager wiki:


If you also want to create a custom act_entry record, you’ll probably want a custom activity code. Here’s an example:


Change Priority


One of our customers recently wanted to do something similar, but for Change Priority of a case. They wanted to be able to fire a business rule when the priority of a case changes. They needed this to work in both Dovetail Agent and the Clarify Classic Client.


Following the guidance I listed above, he got it all working, and was gracious enough to share his code.


The code is all available on Github:


Thanks for sharing Ken!