What’s New in Dovetail Admin 3.0: Part 3 : User-Defined List Editor

Dovetail Admin 3.0 was recently released, so I figured it was a good time to highlight a few of the things that are new in this release.

Part 1: Employee templates

Part 2: Reports

Part 3: User-defined List Editor enhancements

We’ve been working with a few customers who have some serious big-ass user-defined lists (over 60,000 elements!) . Performing certain operations on these lists was taking a while, such as cloning a list, or deleting a large level/tree.

We’ve improved the performance of these functions by making Dovetail Admin be a hybrid Classic ASP / ASP.NET application. We can now take advantage of native .NET code, especially where we need higher performance than Classic ASP can provide. Pretty slick.

We’ve also made a couple of small but useful enhancements to the user-defined list editor. You can now reorder a list level alphabetically with one click. And, with one click, you can move an item to the top of the list.

This comes in handy when adding new list elements. When you add new elements, they’re added to the bottom of the list.

Previously, you had to keep clicking the Move Up button to move it up to the correct place in the list.

Now, you can just click the Sort Elements button, which will sort all of the elements alphabetically quickly.

It’s also common that you want to have a certain default value be at the top – such as Please Specify, or Make a Selection, or something like that.

After you sort alphabetically, Please Specify would probably end up somewhere in the middle of the list. So, click that list item, and click the new Move To Top button, which will move that item to the top of the list.



Hopefully these improvements will make your user-defined list editing quicker and easier.

Get It

If you have a license for Dovetail Admin, simply logon to the Dovetail SelfService site, navigate to My Products, then click on the Dovetail Admin link. You’ll see a download link for version 3.0.