How do I know what ID to use for a new table or view?

When creating a new table or view in Clarify/Amdocs/Dovetail, a unique ID number must be supplied.

How do I know what ID to use?

Clarify has defined a range of numbers that are reserved for custom tables and views. They guarantee that they will not use any numbers in this range. So, you need to use a number in this range.

There are two ranges reserves for custom IDs: 430-571 and 2000-4999. The rest are reserved for Clarify baseline use.

So, you simply need to pick a number in that range that hasn’t yet been used.

How do I know what numbers have already been used?

The most common method is to export your schema, pick a number, and search your schema to see if its in use. If it is, pick another number, search again. Repeat until you find an available number.

A better way

Since our BOLT product is a great way to visualize and navigate your way through the schema, it seemed natural to add this functionality to it.

New in BOLT 2.8.1: a page that gives you information about user-defined table and view ID.

It gives you information about each range, including which numbers have been used, and the lowest available number in the range.

Here’s what it looks like:


This should make it easy to know what ID number you can use next time you want to create a new table or view.

Get it

If you have a logon to Dovevtail SelfService, login and request the latest version of BOLT. Or leave a comment on this post on the Dovetail forums.


I would love to say that I came up with this idea on my own, but, no. Interestingly, it actually came up from two different people at two different times.

It was presented as a suggestion in our last Dovetail Developer Workshop, and more recently, as a question on the Clarify forum on Toolbox for IT.

We love hearing ideas from the community – so keep ‘em coming!